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Machine Cross Stitching Steps


Learning to cross stitch on an embroidery machine can be confusing and frustrating if you havent received the right instruction or what can be some very helpful hints and tips. There are so many things that can go wrong if you dont take the right approach.

It is important to start out with the right information so you have a good experience. Machine cross stitching should be a fun and exciting new twist on your old hobby, however there are a few things that can really help you to succeed in your new machine endeavors.

One of the first mistakes most people make is that they refuse to stitch out their design on another scrap piece of fabric first. This is important so you know how big the design will appear, whether or not you will have enough fabric, as well as if your fabric is going to be a difficult fabric to work with.

If you take this step and find that the fabric you are planning to use for your final project is a frustrating fabric to stitch on you have the option of choosing to switch before using up all your thread on the original fabric.

Stitching on scrap fabric, although it should be the same type of fabric you are going to use for your final piece, will show you what your design will look like when it is finished so you may make any adjustments before you start in on your real project fabric. But always remember using a different type of material or fabric will cause your design to be altered.

If you dont have the same type of fabric to test stitch on use a fabric that is similar, usually a lighter weight fabric will get a more accurate result than a fabric that is heaver than your original fabric.

Some step by step tips for machine cross stitching include rather obviously making sure there is enough thread on your bobbin before beginning. As well as after you set your machine up for embroidery check to see if you need to insert a new needle. After selecting your thread colors, hoop your fabric firmly and dont forget to stabilize the fabric as well.

When hooping your fabric be sure not to pull the fabric so tight it acts as though you could take it along with you to drum practice. If you hoop your fabric too tightly it will not lie flat after you have finished stitching and the unstitched fabric will tend to bounce back with its original elasticity as the stitched fabric will continue to lie pulled tight by the stitches that were made when the fabric was hooped.

After your fabric has been hooped firmly make several stitches to ensure that the thread is locked into place. Next you will simply stitch out the design you have chosen to work with.

After you have stitched out your design and are happy with the results of your work you will want to trim all the excess threads that may be hanging around as well as remove any excess stabilizer from the fabric or design.

This is a basic tutorial on getting started with your machine, and should be helpful in the early days; however there are other strange machine encounters we will discuss in the future I am sure!

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