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The Basics of Knitting


Knitting is a very popular hobby which is very dear to a lot of people. It is very easy to learn and it allows you to create many beautiful items that can either be used by you in your daily life or can be gifted to people if you excel at it.

This art of creating has been also known to help alleviate stress and nervousness. If you are just beginning out all you need are a few basic instruments and guidelines to help you on your way.

The basic instruments that are required are the knitting needles and balls of wool or yarn. The guidelines or instructions are just to help you get started and show you the basic structure that you will need.

On the topic of the needles, there are a number of different types of knitting needles. There are three different types of needles that you will find in the market. The most common type is straight type that consists of two needles that are straight and tapering down to a point at one end. These are usually 10 inches long but you can find them in lengths varying to 16 inches too. These are also found in varying diameters.

The diameter you will require will be based on the type of knit you are aiming at. This means that a thick needle will give you a broader stitch where as a thin one will give you a narrower stitch. This is called the gauge of the knitting which eventually affects the elasticity of the final cloth. The needles are also made from different materials usually wood, bamboo or plastic.

Each material has a different grip on the wool and thus affects your stitches. The metallic ones are used to quick knitting while the ones made of bamboo slow you down but still keep you from dropping stitches. The other two types of needles are called double pointed type and the circular type. But as a beginner you need not worry yourself with them.

The yarn required can also be of many different types. The most common type of yarn is wool. It is the type most used in knitting. In many instruction booklets the words wool and yarn are used interchangeably.

The other types of yarn are Cashmere, Alpaca, Mohair, Acrylic, Angora and Cotton. What you will require as a beginner will be wool. You can get them in many different colors as well as thread-thickness. You are at the liberty to choose whichever you like before you start.

If youre still thinking knitting is for the sedate, laid-back old-timers, let me open your eyes a little bit. A new trend on the knitting scene is Goth knitting. Yeah, you heard right. There are plenty of Goth knitters who get a kick out of knitting their own corset lace fingerless gloves.

Then theres Goth leggings, Tough Baby Sweaters, and the I Skull (instead of heart) Goth tote bag you can knit.

Before learning to knit, you will need to make sure you have the necessary materials. These include yarn, two knitting needles, scissors, a crochet hook and point protectors. Another thing that is useful, but not essential, is hand lotion. Even with easy knitting projects, your hands may get dried out and even crack when you work for long periods of time. So be prepared.

There are almost unlimited choices of yarn colors, so choose colors that are particularly appealing to you. You will also need simple knitting patterns. These can be found in craft stores or online.

Free ones can easily be found online, making it the less expensive choice. Just search for easy knitting patterns or beginner knitting patterns and see what you can find that appeals to you.

There are many easy knitting projects available. By choosing one of these, you will be less likely to get frustrated due to the difficulty of the project. There are many different designs to choose from so you will be able to find something that interests you.

Arranging for your own success in your first few knitting projects is important. Dont choose a project that is beyond your present skills. Be patient and assured that those more advanced projects will come in time.

If you are looking for an easy knitting project for the holidays, you can easily find patterns for Christmas ornaments, wreaths or stocking stuffers. These can be a great addition to your holiday decorations. They can also be used as gifts. Giving away a hand-made knitted gift will be greatly appreciated and cherished by friends and family.

Among the other easy knitting projects are towels and potholders. These are great for the kitchen and can be very useful. Again, these can be made for your own home or given as presents.

The simplicity of these projects will allow you to finish quickly. Because the patterns are simple, you will be able to practice the basics of knitting without spending too much time on a project.

Hats are also a great choice for a beginner. These can be made in many different designs so you can choose one that fits the personality of the person receiving it. There are also many patterns for baby hats.

These are great projects because babies need their heads and ears kept warm, and parents will appreciate the time and work you put into the hat. This makes a knitted hat a wonderful baby shower or birthday present.

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