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Free Cross Stitch Patterns


Who uses free counted cross stitch patterns and graphs? Anyone who wants them, but there are many uses for these patterns. Free cross stitch patterns are often found on the Internet which is a great source for these patterns.

Some people use these patterns to incorporate and merge them with other patterns and motifs to create a brand new pattern idea. These customized patterns are then either used for personal use or are marketed and sold with a new name or title.

A designer who specializes in free cross stitch patterns is Caroline who presents patterns to the general public for personal use only. Also, a site called Better Cross Stitch offers very nice, unique free patterns. The atmosphere is very friendly there, and they go out of their way to make a stitcher feel at home.

Large companies like DMC and many others offer patterns without cost on their websites for both beginners and experienced stitchers. Their patterns include alphabet charts, floral patterns and animal charts.

Here, the free patterns are used as an effective approach to get you into their site, download the free pattern(s), and perhaps they are hoping you might see other goodies you just cannot live without which leads to the anticipated purchase.

While some companies are very specific about your use of these patterns stating they are for personal use only, others will allow you to download the free pattern, stitch it, and then sell the finished stitched project for your own profit as long as you make the proper attribution to the seller by providing a link back to the sellers website.

However, those of you who download these free patterns are discouraged from re-selling the actual free pattern itself.

People who cross stitch and use free patterns also like to trade and switch back and forth with other stitchers on cross stitch blog sites, thus creating a network of patterns that can end up with interesting variations (in colors) depending on how creative you are.

As far as designing goes, there are even sites out there who have free graph paper for you to print off for use in designing your own patterns. Software such as PatternMaker has a library of free motifs for use in developing and designing a custom pattern.

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